Struggling for a New Life…

It’s interesting how people view abuse in books. As we know, OF COURSE, there are various kinds of abusive from physical to mental, from lovers to employers and everything in between. No abuse is okay at any time for any reason. Period. However, this is a sad part of everyday lives and I think stories of heroic efforts to change, move on, start a new live or find lawful methods of retribution need to be told. If some of my passages make you wince, cry, rage in horror and finally smile in Maveric_500x755peace, then I’ve done my job. Yes, I understand abuse in certain ways. I don’t think there’s a human being alive who hasn’t experienced or at least been a party to some form. Sad state our world is, but this is our truth.

The Rescue Me Series isn’t about the constant happy times couples have. They aren’t simple romances with fluffy animals. They are a telling of love, strength, horrors, happiness, anger – you get the message. Every story has a hero or two – including those in furry bundled love. I’m very proud of Maverick and would like to bring you another taste. I do so hope you enjoy. More will be coming later…



Guilt settled into McKenzie’s system. She stood staring at her reflection in the bathroom mirror, worried to death about Maverick and wondering how in the hell she’d gotten herself into such a mess in the first place. Anthony wasn’t a monster. Or was he? She wasn’t certain of anything any longer. Yes, she’d known about his anger issues as well as his arrogance. For some reason she thought love could conquer all. The bad boy and the good girl. She’d ceased being good a long time ago. He and his family had infected her mind if not her very soul.

After another gulp of wine, she set the glass on the counter and peeled off her clothes. The bruises on her face and neck would heal in time. The scratches on her arms would fade away. The scars on her heart would never leave.

She touched her face, memories of the good times providing a tearful moment. She’d loved him, even after his personality had changed. Now this. She might lose everything but she refused to give in, stay married to him for another month. Hissing, she started the shower. His rich family would no doubt stand behind him as they always did.

“She’s not good enough for you.”

“She’s beneath you, Anthony.”

“You can do so much better. The family deserves better.”

The family. What a crock of shit. The tainted words remained furrowed into the back of her mind. She stepped into the shower, allowing the water to cascade down over her head. Not a single member of his family had ever accepted her or their marriage. She’d wondered often if Anthony had gotten hitched to her simply to piss off his parents. What did the concern really matter any longer? They had their wish now. He was free as a bird and had all but destroyed her in the process.

Palming the cool tile, she dropped her head as the tears began to fall. How many times had she promised herself that she’d never cry again? How many times had she allowed him to slither back into her life? She was done. Finished. She had to be strong. She would fight. She would prevail.

cowboy standingYou’re so full of shit. She gulped air as the tears continued to fall, loathing her inner voice, the one that had kept her questioning every move she made. She slapped the wall and tilted her head back, issuing a strangled scream. “Why? Why can’t I have a normal life?”

Because you’re worthless. You have no skills. You are nothing without me.

She blinked and shook her head, the wretched words, his words would forever haunt her. “You’re wrong. You fucking asshole. You’ll see.” Yeah, she’d show the world. Her thoughts drifted to Maverick and her legs began to shake. She knew he was badly hurt. Even the good doctor was concerned. She could tell by Diego’s expression and the wretched look in his eyes. He didn’t want to tell her the truth. She was going to lose the one thing she loved in this very world, the only thing that she could love.

Crumpling to her knees, she cradled her arms around her legs, pulling them to her chest. The water continued to pound down, mixing with her tears. She rocked back and forth as flashes of the past fueled her now vile anger. She was going to destroy Anthony, no matter how long or how much money she had to spend in order to do so.

Maverick. She could hear his fearful whimpers in her mind. She knew he was looking for mommy dog. He was all alone and scared. He’d tried to protect her. He was her savior. No, he was her salvation. Strong. You will be powerful and you will fight. Sniffing, she whipped the salty beads away, determined to close down her emotions.

After a few minutes, she rose to her feet and finished her shower. Tonight, she’d placed her beloved pup’s wellbeing in the hands of a stranger. Karma was kicking her in the ass. This was going to be the toughest thing she had to deal with in her life.

McKenzie found a robe on the back of the bathroom door. A smile crossed her face as she studied the red and blue plaid design. Somehow, she couldn’t see the cowboy vet in something like this. Still, the flannel was warm and cozy, the scent all male. She held the material close to her nose, drinking in his essence. A staunch sense of embarrassment, she shook away the thought and donned the attire.

Antsy, she retrieved her wine and walked toward the kitchen to refill her glass. She stood staring out the window, thinking about the last year. There was nothing she could do but fight Anthony, demanding a divorce. He’d grow bored soon enough, preferring to play with one of his blonde bimbos.

Her thoughts drifted to Diego. The cowboy was certainly a breath of fresh air. He also understood her desires, not judging or condemning her. The concept was not what she’d expected from anyone. She could remember the look in her best friend’s eyes when she’d expressed her desires for discipline, being punished for being a bad girl. The admittance had almost cost them their friendship. As if that mattered. She’d left everyone behind forever.

“Stop,” she muttered. She had to start thinking clearly so she could develop a plan. Maybe Diego could help. Groaning, she rubbed her eyes.

What was it about this man, this stranger that intrigued her so much? Why was she thinking about future possibilities when her life was in ruins? Perhaps she’d never figure out the answer but certainly not tonight. Resigned, she sipped her wine and said a prayer for Maverick.

Chuckling, she noticed the orange glow in the distance and frowned, uneasiness settling into her system. She couldn’t help but wish Anthony would die in a massive fire. Yeah, then she wouldn’t have to worry about the crap she was going to have to go through. Yes, the concept was delicious.

Snorting, she settled on the couch, propping up her feet and finishing her wine. Minutes later she began to nod off. As vivid images settle into her subconscious, she smiled. If only there were bears in the Virginia woods. Perhaps a pack of wolves would do the trick. Or a hitman.

If only she had the courage.


The words have haunted McKenzie Reynolds for months. Running away wasn’t the best answer, but she had zero choices. If she stayed, he’d have continued down his path of abuse disguised as domestic discipline. Once a man she thought she could trust, his evil deeds slip past the mask. A new home. A new life. Only her Golden Retriever, Maverick by her side. She is free, ready for every new challenge, including the chance at love.

Until he finds her…

Dr. Diego Mitchell, a struggling veterinarian, leaves his past and every bad memory behind, or at least he tries to. He has begun forging new relationships in a new community, while developing clientele. On a stormy night, he learns a valuable lesson as tragedy strikes. He’s forced to use his valuable skills to save a life, but what he doesn’t expect is a rush of emotions, including the need to protect. The mysterious woman might be his savior.

Two strangers bond together as a mystery develops, leaving the local ranchers terrified of the recent arsons. With several dead, including an unidentified man, McKenzie is not only the key but perhaps the intended victim. A game of cat and mouse ensues and McKenzie and Diego race to find answers before the monster strikes again.

Can McKenzie take a chance and truly trust Diego?  Can Diego push his demons away, so he can protect McKenzie? Will the rugged cowboy be able to rescue the woman he loves? Will the scared, haunted woman take back her power and rescue the man she loves, right back? Together, can they survive and heal?

The first in a collection of stories involving humans who rescue beloved animals. Or is it the other way around?

I so hope you enjoyed! 


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