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Best Selling author, Piper Stone writes in several genres including science fiction, romantic suspense, thrillers, and dark erotic romance. She has a love of the non-traditional, preferring to create worlds that defy the imagination. Wine and sous vide cooking are only second to her love of golden retrievers and you might find all three nestled in the pages of a book or two.

She has several books released with Stormy Night Publications including two #1 Gothic Romance Best Selling New Releases – Caught and Ruthless. She also has several VERY dark science fiction reverse harem books designed to set you on fire.

In addition, she has several books with Blushing Books including the Missoula Smokejumpers Series.

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He makes his own rules. He’s going to make me follow them.

I work alongside firefighters, so I know how to handle musclebound roughnecks, but Blaise Tompkins is in a league of his own. The night we met, I threw a glass of wine in historched_full face, then ended up shoved against the wall with my panties on the floor and my arousal dripping down my thighs, screaming out climax after shameful climax with my well-punished bottom still burning.

I’ve got a series of arsons to get to the bottom of, and finding out that the infuriatingly sexy brute who spanked me like a naughty little girl will be helping me with the investigation seemed like the last thing I needed, until somebody hurled a rock through my window in an effort to scare me away from the case. Now having a big, strong man around doesn’t seem like such a bad idea…



She thinks she can handle a man like me. She’s wrong. 

Within moments of setting eyes on Sophia Waters, I was certain of two things. She was prey_fullgoing to learn what happens to bad girls who cheat at cards, and I was going to be the one to teach her.

But there was one thing I didn’t know as I reddened that cute little bottom and then took her long and hard and oh so shamefully: I wasn’t the only one who didn’t come here for a game of cards.

I came to kill a man. It turns out she came to protect him.

Nobody keeps me from my target, but I’m in no rush. Not when I’m enjoying this game of cat and mouse so much. I’ll even let her catch me one day, and as she screams my name with each brutal climax she’ll finally realize the truth. She was never the hunter. She was always the prey.

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They chose me. Now they are going to breed me. 

The Centurions conquered Earth long before I was born, but they did not come for our land or our resources. They came for mates, women deemed suitable for breeding. harvest_fullWomen like me. 

Three of the alien brutes decided to claim me, and when I defied them, they made a public example of me, punishing me so thoroughly and shamefully I might never stop blushing.

But now, as my virgin body is used in every way possible, I’m not sure I want them to stop…



When I want something, I make it mine. I want her.

Caroline Hargrove thinks she is mine because her father owed me a debt, but that isn’t hisaspayment_fullwhy she is sitting in my car beside me with her bottom sore inside and out. She’s wet, well-used, and coming with me whether she likes it or not because I decided I want her, and I take what I want.

As a senator’s daughter, she probably thought no man would dare lay a hand on her, let alone spank her thoroughly and then claim her beautiful body in the most shameful ways possible.

She was wrong. Very, very wrong. She’s going to be mastered, and I won’t be gentle about it.



I came to this planet to study men. I found only beasts.

I was sent to this world to help build a new Earth, but I was shocked by what I found here. The men of this planet are not just primitive savages. They are predators, and I am primitive_fullnow their prey…

The government lied to all of us. Not all of the creatures who hunted and captured me are aliens. Some of them were human once, specimens transformed in labs into little more than feral beasts.

I fought, but I was thrown over a shoulder and carried off. I ran, but I was caught and punished. Now they are going to claim me, share me, and use me so roughly that when the last screaming climax has been wrung from my naked, helpless body, I wonder if I’ll still know my own name.



My hero is scarred, broken and ready for redemption. Funny how life gets in the way. Another dark and dangerous mafia romance.

He’s the kind of man other men fear, but I wasn’t afraid. I should have been.

dangerous_fullI knew Erik Chenault was dangerous the moment I saw him. Everything about him should have warned me away, from the scar on his face to the fact that mobsters call him Blade. But I was drawn like a moth to a flame, and I ended up burnt… and blushing, sore, and thoroughly used.

Now he’s taken it upon himself to protect me from men like the ones we both tried to leave in our past. He’s going to make me his whether I like it or not… but I think I’m going to like it.



The third in the Cenzan World. Don’t forget to pick up copies of Conquering Their Mate and Capturing Their Mate.

They hunted me. They caught me. Now they’re going to breed me.

As far as I’m concerned, the Cenzans will always be the enemy, and there can be no peace while they remain on our planet. I planned to make them pay for invading our world, but I was hunted down and captured by two of their warriors with the help of a huntingtheirmatebattle-hardened former Marine. Now I’m the one who is going to pay, as the three of them punish me, shame me, and share me.

Though the thought of a fellow human taking the side of these alien brutes enrages me, that is far from the worst of it. With every searing stroke of the strap that lands across my bare bottom, with every savage thrust as I am claimed over and over, and with every screaming climax, it is made more clear that it is my own quivering, thoroughly used body which has truly betrayed me.

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What lengths would you go to in order to save your marriage?

Imperfect ConsequencesBroken trust. Bitter arguments. Burning secrets.

Their marriage in ruins, David and Shannon must alter their balance of power or risk losing everything important—including their love. There’s one alternative left. Domestic Discipline. While the intense change is amazing, both are left with fear and self-doubt. As old behaviors resurface, they’re forced to face secrets from the past.

Will the new dynamic be enough? Are they strong enough? Do they love each other enough?



He’s rough, he’s dirty, and he’s not going to be gentle.

When I took a job on an oil rig to escape my scheming stepfather’s efforts to set me up with one of his business cronies, I knew I’d be working with rugged men. What I didn’t expect is to find myself bent over a desk, my cheeks soaked with tears and my bare thighs wet for a very different reason, as my well-punished bottom is thoroughly used byroughneck_full a stern, infuriatingly sexy roughneck.

Even though I should have known better than to get sassy with a firm-handed cowboy, let alone a tough-as-nails former Marine, there’s no denying that learning the hard way was every bit as hot as it was shameful. But a sore, welted backside is just the start of his plans for me, and no matter how much I blush to admit it, I know I’m going to take everything he gives me and beg for more.



A single purpose compels him. He must find me, claim me, and master me completely.

Tracking down cyborgs is my job, but this time I’m the one being hunted. This rogue rogue_fullmachine has spent most of his life locked up, and now that he’s on the loose he has plans for me…

He isn’t just going to strip me, punish me, and use me. He will take me longer and harder than any human ever could, claiming me so thoroughly that I will be left in no doubt who owns me.

No matter how shamefully I beg and plead, my body will be ravaged again and again with pleasure so intense it terrifies me to even imagine, because that is what he was built to do.




When he decided he wanted me, he took me.

Treating a mobster shot by a rival’s goons isn’t really my forte, but when a man is powerful enough to have a whole wing of a hospital cleared out for his protection, you do as you’re told.

To make matters worse, this isn’t first time I’ve met Giovanni Calduchi. It turns out my ruthlessnewest patient is the stern, sexy brute who all but dragged me back to his hotel room a couple of nights ago so he could use my body as he pleased, then showed up at my house the next day, stripped me bare, and spanked me until I was begging him to take me even more roughly and shamefully.

Now, with his enemies likely to be coming after me in order to get to him, all I can do is hope he’s as good at keeping me safe as he is at keeping me blushing, sore, and thoroughly satisfied.



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