Do All Women Need a Hard Spanking?

Yes, I asked the question on this lovely Saturday. Why? Because the phenomenon still fascinates the heck out of me. And I’d love for my readers to weigh in. Yes, I’ve written dozens of spanking stories/books over the past few years. Even my beloved Missoula Smokejumpers series has a special club the jumpers belong to called Burnout. They get together and discuss their love of dominating women, including domestic discipline – i.e. spankings. And you can bet there are several sizzling and often passionate spanking scenes throughout.

My lovely editor, the ultra talented Sandra Havro from Blushing Books, has said more OTK sayingthan once – I think you need to add another spanking scene. Really? Isn’t the danger, suspense, love, fun and basic story enough? Evidently not given the desires of so many readers. So, the added question is – do we as readers simply enjoy reading about women being taken over the knee or pushed across a fluffy set of pillows, OR, do we believe that men (in the case of my books) should be in charge – Head of Household? I know, you’re not quite certain if you can respond truthfully. Right?

Let’s talk about domestic discipline. The man is in charge of the house and home. He (usually along with some comments and suggestions from his loved one) creates a set of rules. These requirements can be everything from keeping the house clean, what amount of money can be spent, what social media is allowed to the basics of keeping healthy. Every household is different. Once these rules are agreed to, they are expected to be followed. To. The. Letter. What happens if these rules are broken?

Often – a hard spanking. Now, imagine coming home and your husband tells you in no uncertain terms that you’re going to receive a spanking because you forgot to pay a bill or he noticed the purchase at Victoria’s Secret. He’s loving but firm and has you either The belt sayingremove your clothes or lower your panties. He might pull the hardback kitchen chair out from the table and tug you across his lap.


His hand stings, burning almost instantly.

Smack! Crack!

You squirm, wiggle given the pain and your arm flails back. He firmly wraps his fingers around your wrist, reminding you that if you don’t stay in position, he’ll start the process, the spanking all over again.

Pop! Slap!

What if the infraction was even worse? Perhaps you received a speeding ticket or made a fool of yourself at his company Christmas party. Hmmmm… This calls for a harsher punishment.

The belt…

He gives you that look at the party. That’s all you need and you know you’re in serious trouble. All the way home in the dark in the car, you’re anticipating your punishment, wringing your hands while you try to calm your nerves. He says nothing as he calms down, placing his thoughts in the right mindset. Once inside, he calmly tells you to take off all your clothes and stand in the corner while he prepares. Imagine your visions, your heart racing, your blood pumping as your obey, standing with your nose pressed against the corner, trying not to cry. You’re trying to figure out if he will use the belt, the one he wears every day or will he choose the dreaded paddle or wooden brush.

When the time comes, he takes both of your hands and says in no uncertain terms that you disrespected him, embarrassed him in front of his colleagues. He explains that the behavior will not be tolerated and asks if you understand why you’re going to receive a spanking. After an apology, you can’t deny your wretched actions. And so… He takes you to your bedroom, the place of comfort and passion, and places you over two pillows, your naked ass in the air. And it begins.


The belt hits you across your sit spot and you yelp, unable to hold back the cry.

Smack! Crack!

The pain is intense and you jerk up. He rubs his hand on the small of your back, waiting for a few seconds.

Pop! Slap!

The sting brings tears to your eyes and you bury your face into the pillows.

Whack! Crack!

Another series of hard smacks hits both ass cheeks and your upper thighs. Every strike is controlled but necessary. He continues, giving you several more.

Slap! Pop!

When it’s over, he gathers you into his arms, cradling you in his lap as he allows you to cry, to weep and absolve you of your sins.

Has this happened to you before and if so, do you feel better after promising never to embarrass him again? I think about the type of spankings, the method and implement used and the severity of the punishment itself. There are controlled and practiced methods and anyone who enters into this lifestyle MUST learn to be careful, never disciplining in anger. There are various implements that can be used. The over the knee with a hand is so intimate and used on the spur of the moment. The brush, especially spanking implementwooden is a hard snap, a burning that is centered in a single spot. The paddle provides a thudding sound and is certainly harsh, but very effective. There’s the cane, the flogger, the carpet beater, the switch.

Think about being told to select the perfect switch from in your very yard. Imagine your thoughts as you go out into the garden, selecting the vine. Perhaps he tests various switches right there, in front of your neighbors. Often the bark is cut away, revealing the fresh green inside. Oh, the burn a switch can provide on the ass or legs. Whew.

There are so many other types of implements and various ways in which to inflict. There are couples where a brush or strap is kept in the glove compartment, in case a spanking is needed outside the home. Would your man spank you in the back parking lot of Target? You start arguing over nothing in particular and the nasty words coming out of your mouth are biting, caustic. That same look is given with simple words that you’re getting a spanking when you leave the store.

He drives to the back of the parking lot, away from the majority of customers, pulls out the brush hidden in the glove compartment, yanks you over his lap and gives you a hard spanking. Right there. Yes, someone could walk by. Yes, they might watch. Yes, you’re humiliated but my guess is that you’ll think twice about arguing in the middle of a store ever again.


I’ve given you several scenarios so now the questions. Do you believe women deserve a hard spanking every once in awhile? Do you believe that domestic discipline relationships are an excellent method of keeping peace in the home? Do you think couples who practice are closer, even more passionate? Would you consider entering into this kind of lifestyle or do you simply enjoy reading about the scenario?

Inquiring minds want to know. I find it fascinating just how many books are sold and while Blushing Books is known for offering spanking titles, they certainly sell basic romance, suspense and even thrillers. Are we simply hungry as a society for the darker side of relationships?

Let me know and I hope you’ve enjoyed.

Kisses and spanks…


14 thoughts on “Do All Women Need a Hard Spanking?”

  1. *fans self*

    Is it hot in here, or is it just me?! What a way to start a Saturday!

    I don’t necessarily believe ALL relationships would benefit from DD, as there are too many variables at play. But I do believe that a vast majority of them could benefit from it. And I think a lot of women secretly want it (we’d be out of jobs if they didn’t!) but they feel pressure from society to not let their men “control” them so they never give in to those desires.

    For me, I couldn’t be in a relationship without it. Tried it, hated it, moved on. I *need* that accountability. I need the security of knowing that, if I mess up, the worst that’s going to happen is getting my ass blistered. It makes me feel safe and secure, and if I’m being honest, it helps to keep me from turning into a complete shrew.

    Loved the post today!


    1. What a reply and thank you! Glad you enjoyed. I haven’t lived this lifestyle but I respect more than some people understand. I’ve talked to dozens of women and men involved and every comment seems to be the same – balance. Love. Accountability. Thank you for being so honest!


  2. Do all women need a hard spanking? Frankly, no. Some of them aren’t equipped (mentally, emotionally and/or physically) to take one.

    Would they all benefit from one? Again, no. The greatest benefit derived from a disciplinary or hard spanking is taking ownership of what you did and having someone who will allow you to do that and then absolve you (for lack of a better term) and/or allow you to release any negative feelings you had about it into the universe.

    Do I think there are many women who crave one and would be better off if they gave themselves that freedom? Yes, I do. I’m one of those women who fought those feelings for years. Told myself as a feminist (and still proud to be one) that I would never allow any man to control me. Control is a double-edged sword — it cuts both ways. While he may be making the decision as to when and for what you are disciplined, you are the one who gave him that authority in the first place. At the end of the day, the ultimate decision is always within your control.


    1. I agree to each their own. I think some women are freed from the feeling and the experience. There are some men who also relish in the concept, but not to simply be authoritative but to grasp onto the man inside. When it works well, from what I know, it’s a beautiful thing.


  3. My my, did u somehow sneak a camera into my home? Hee Hee. For me, it isn’t about a “darker” side. It’s about vulnerability, building self discipline, and connecting in a very deep (not dark). It is fulfilling, rewarding, beautiful…bright, not dark.


  4. Great post – thank you!
    I think the answer to your question is no. These things have to be consensual, and that invariably means it’s not going to be for everyone.
    That said, I have always love to be spanked, yet it’s not even *that* simple. Even within consent there can be no consent, and sometimes I resist punishment at all costs.
    Sexuality is complicated, and so are people, but the trust and respect in DD relationships is priceless.


  5. I married young and without much thought to the future. No I was not pregnant. I would never be sure that my husband would be fair, just and moderate. He had a very quick temper and I would have been furious if he spanked me just because he was angry about something else. There was a part of me that craved that accountability but I am now 70, have been a widow for 8 years so will never find out. What do you do when children come along? What if your husband has looked after everything? What do you do if you are widowed?


    1. I married a man who already had children. Because children are much more perceptive than we realize (or maybe just more so than I realized!) it’s difficult to keep things hidden from them. He has never and would never punish me in front of them, but if I lose my temper or get a little too loose with the f-word, he will give me “The Look” and just saying my name is enough for me to know I need to stop whatever it is I’m doing. Our kids are 13 and sometimes I wonder if they realize exactly what goes on behind our bedroom door…but I’m not about to ask LOL.

      As for “looking after everything”, that’s not how our marriage works. At all. I work full time, where he works just a few months out of the year doing insurance claims. When he’s home, he takes care of the kids, cooks, cleans, etc. I make sure the bills are paid, because I’m better with budgets and numbers. Just like with any relationship, you have to find out what each person’s strengths are and play off of that, and that’s what you build your life on.


      1. That is why I love to ask questions. Every relationship is so different. I absolutely agree on the strengths and that can be tough for any couple. If they don’t, they will fail. Thank you for responding!


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