My Special Guest – Vanessa Brooks

I’m happy to present yet another amazing Blushing Books authors. She’s also become a very good friend and the very first person to help retweet and market Piper so she’ll always have a special place in my heart. She has a fabulous book and one you are destined to read time and time again. Not only do we get a taste, but I have a sexy interview with the lady as well. Grab a cold drink and enjoy!




 A woman is made up of many aspects of personality and Elspeth Merryweather is Vanessa bookno exception. She is a young Victorian woman whose character has been formed out of necessity. Lifted from despair she is given hope, but a cruel twist of fate changes everything. A simple courageous act on her part leaves her with total amnesia. Remembering nothing of her previous life she awakens with no memories of the cruelties she has previously suffered or the love she has recently found. Can Elspeth, a lost waif, survive the rigours of poverty in the harshness of Victorian London?

Turning to mudlarking as a way of survival, can she create enough strength to sustain her through desperate times?  Can a strict professor make her feel alive? Using loving discipline he brings safety to Elspeth’s troubled life but will she have the courage to become her own person and rekindle the passion she once felt for her lost love, even though she cannot remember his name? Can an emerald, the mystical Shiromani, help bring these star crossed lovers back together to form the bonds that they have lost?

Vanessa Brooks brings us her new sensual Victorian melodrama, one that will enthral you and carry you on a journey spanning the distance from India all the way to Victorian England during the 1870s. This is an epic tale that encompasses betrayal and a lasting love that knows no bounds.


“Open your eyes Elspeth, watch yourself come. Watch yourself as I control your pleasure.” She stared into the mirror, a young woman, naked, flushed with arousal stared back at her, wide eyed, pupils dilated with lust, nipples puckered like raspberries. Pale coppery hair that escaped her coiffure, hung in curls about her shoulders. Her legs divided either side of her handsome husband’s lap. His knees, set with neat creases in his trousers, looked wickedly incongruous between her immodestly splayed thighs. Even more inappropriate to her eye, was the sight of his white cuffed wrists as his hands fervently delved into her pinkly exposed loins, tormenting her quim to the point where she would very soon orgasm. It was an overwhelmingly erotic sight, her body hummed with impending culmination.


Hi Vanessa, so tell me, where do you live, you’re not an American are you?

No, I’m English, I live in a county called Sussex, in England, which is area rich in history. I have a number of castles that date back to around the 10-1300’s nearby to where I live. Including Lewes Castle, originally called Bray Castle, which was built in 1069. Living near to and visiting such amazing ancient buildings soon engendered a desire to know more about the people that lived there and about their daily lives.

So you like writing stories mainly set in the past?

Yes, I enjoy writing books set in past times. I’m interested in American history too; I mean who doesn’t love a hot sexy cowboy? I’ve written three westerns, one was for the popular Red Petticoat series.

Why do you prefer historical writing?

Well, I do enjoy the research and I guess growing up I became hooked on films of swashbuckling heroes and stoical cowboys, men of a bygone era. These alpha males vanessa portraitthought nothing of turning a spitfire heroine across their thigh to deliver a well deserved spanking before kissing the lady passionately until she melted into his arms, these red-bloodied heroes thrilled me!

Ah, but then what about consensual spanking?

Yes, I totally agree that permission is necessary in the world we live in today. I would be the first to say equal rights for men and women.  However, in the past when a husband had the right to spank his wife, despite her objections, well, I have to tell you that just pushes all my buttons!

Ha, ha your secret’s out now!

Groan, but surely I am not alone in this? I’m guessing that some of my readers must feel the same way.

So tell me Vanessa, what is it about history that gets your creative juices flowing?

Hmm, well once I realised that these people from the past were simply men and women just like you and me, full of hopes and dreams; love and sexual desire, lived through disasters and suffered abject grief and misery. These things touched them, just as they do us today; I wanted to find out more about them.

I want to bring the era’s in which I write to life for my readers, to help them feel that they are actually there, experiencing that particular time in history.

I began to read in earnest in my later years of school. Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, Wilkie Collins, and Thomas Hardy, Dickens of course. I couldn’t read fast enough! These authors brought history alive for me and I devoured them all. Then I discovered a different kind of author. Writers that drew me into a deeper world of passion, romantic historical authors, such as Anya Seaton, Kathleen Woodiwiss, Rosemary Rogers, Barbara Erskine and Diana Gabldon. These creative writers awoke a desire within me to write a story for myself.

So what was your first novel and when was it published?

The Adventures of Linnett Wainwright, came out in 2014 with Blushing Books. I was absolutely thrilled to have my manuscript accepted by them and the rest as they say is…history!

So now your new Victorian Melodramas are out soon. Can you tell us a bit about the plot of book one?

Yes, Elspeth is about an intrepid young English woman who is forced to leave her home in India to return to Victorian England, this is at a time when British rule in India was at its imperial peak but the story itself is set in Victorian London. She meets the love of her life aboard ship, Professor Adam Beresford and they have a torrid affair. On returning to London she attempts to rescue an elderly man, Arthur Brown, who is set upon by brigands. Elspeth is knocked to the ground and bangs her head so hard on the pavement that when she awakes she has no memory of what happened or who she is. Remaining with Arthur and living as his niece, she learns how to survive poverty by mudlarking along the Thames.

Sorry to interrupt Vanessa but what on earth is mudlarking? 

I am glad you asked that. It is where people dig along the shore line of the Thames River for items to sell. Nowadays, people dig for antiques and still find amazing artefacts even today. There were many shipwrecks out at sea over the years and the strong tides that run inland to the Thames carried all sorts of objects that lodged in the mud just waiting to be found. In Victorian England it was a way for the poor who were not tempted by a life of crime to survive.

Wow, well hey you learn something new every day!

So let’s get down and dirty…and I don’t mean in the mud! Where does the hot sex and spanking come into this tale?

Ha! Obviously Adam has been searching for his lost love but after a couple of months they simply meet again quite by chance. There is a mystical Emerald in the story. The jewel weaves a thread throughout the book and plays a part in how they re connect. Elspeth has no recollection of Adam and so to keep her safe beside him, Adam tells her that he is her husband. Elspeth is not good at obeying her new found husband and soon discovers that he has the perfect deterrent for her wilful behaviour, a trip across his knee! Between getting to know one another all over again and learning to trust, Elspeth tests Adam at every turn. They do marry but there is a twist in the book but I’d rather everyone took the voyage of discovery by reading this epic tale than disclose the plot.

So when will Elspeth be released?

On August 25th and it will be offered free for a short while – a big thank you to all my loyal readers and it will be available free on Amazon Unlimited.

Now that is a bargain – free! And book two, when is that due to be released?

Amanda, book two, comes out on September 1st – although the characters cross over from the previous book one it is a stand-alone read. Both books have a very dark side, just as Victorian England did, but they also both have good doses of humour. I honestly don’t believe anyone who reads either of these two Victorian Melodrama books will be disappointed!

Follow her on Twitter @blushingvanessa


Thank you so much for being here! I am very excited for you. Good luck on the release!!




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